About Us



4D Health was conceived to address the concerns of a growing number of people such as yourselves seeking natural solutions to the health challenges of the 21st century.  Science has traditionally defined health in terms of biochemical processes.  Many believe that optimal health requires integration with energy.

Our mission is to produce products for you that incorporate the science of energetic frequencies into the practical world of biological nutrition.  We take pride in being at the forefront of this in Hong Kong.  



4D Health products are biologically based and energized with energetic frequencies. 4D Health products are energized by electro-magnetic frequencies which help to restore and strengthen self-regulation, thereby opening the doorway for detoxification and ultimately boosting self-healing.

According to quantum physics, all matters have waves and particles. Cells in the body emit energetic frequencies.  All matter has a resonant frequency and every cell in the body resonates at a particular frequency, similar to a tuning fork resonating to a certain frequency spectrum of acoustic wave. This process in groups of cells of an organ or system produces an energetic field which has unique multiple frequency patterns. The direction of those frequencies reveals the health condition of our organs.

4D Health products make use of frequencies.  The frequencies for healthy organs are constant while those of unhealthy ones are variable. The unhealthy cells emit altered energetic frequencies because of DNA damage. 4D Health products boost the healthy frequencies to enhance immunity and strengthen organ functions. 



Prof. Gary Lim is a key member of 4D Health.  Prof Lim is a renowned practitioner of Energy Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine. 

Prof Lim is the founder of Oasis of Hope – BRT in Hong Kong.  Oasis of Hope in Hong Kong focuses on personalized healthcare.  It investigates root causes of health issues of its clients based on inharmonic signals, and develops specific recovery programs, which strengthen immunity and accelerate self-healing properties.  It is a leader in Hong Kong in vibrational energy medicine, including Bioresonance Therapy, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy, Photo Dynamic Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Oasis of Hope - BRT in Hong Kong was awarded “Most Outstanding Personalized Healthcare Services of the Year” in 2022 by CORPHUB.  CORPHUB aims to “showcase enterprises that are on the rise”. 

Prof Lim currently serves as:

  • Executive Director and Head Physician in Oasis of Hope - BRT (Hong Kong).
  • Director and Medical Advisor for Oasis of Hope - BRT (Taipei).
  • Medical Advisor and Trainer for AIMC Health Centre (Shanghai).
  • Medical Advisor and Trainer for The AIM Health Centre (Singapore).
  • Medical Advisor and Trainer for Raykom Technologies and Wellness Centre (Malaysia).
  • Director and Head Scientist for Raykom Technologies Research and Development (Shenzhen).
  • Consultant and member of China Association of Research and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing).
  • Consultant and Advisor for Tong Ji University Energy Medicine Research Centre (Shanghai).
  • Visiting Professor of Advanced Integrative Medicine in Xian Biomedical and Technical College (Xian).
  • Chairmen and Head of Scientific Board for Matryx Centre Network (Switzerland).
  • Director and Medical Advisor for BioMaxx Holding (Germany, Thailand and Hong Kong).
  • Research Assistant and Medical Advisor for Aquest Stem Cells Research and Development Co. (Thailand).